Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Poll result.

Thanks for voting! 38% of voters, the largest share, believe that Bill Shatner is using his probing interviews with guests on Shatner's Raw Nerve to himself learn how to open up about his toupee wearing. There is some evidence that would appear to support this, at least indirectly.

During a recent extensive interview with radio DJs "Opie and Anthony" (the air apparently having been cleared after this earlier encounter) Bill Shatner was very passionate in explaining how much he enjoys getting under the (lace?) skins of his interviewees, having them reveal aspects of their personalities that they might otherwise be reluctant to discuss. At around 17 minutes in to this very recent appearance at Anaheim Comic Con, Bill Shatner discusses yet another deep and probing interview show he is hosting called "Aftermath". The series focuses on people who have had their fifteen minutes of fame or infamy, years on after the event that brought them into the public spotlight.

Why is Bill Shatner doing all this? Is he showing other interviewers how it's done? "I want to talk about the toupee, but I just need to be asked in the right way - like this!" or is he perhaps studying his subjects, admiring their bravery in tackling sensitive issues? Maybe, all of the above, in which case a deep and moving discussion of the toupee may yet be forthcoming!

During his recent Comic Con appearance, Bill Shatner paid tribute to the late Columbo star Peter Falk - just one more thing: problem is Falk is still alive!


  1. May be some good evidence for the hair transplant argument during the first minute or so of the video. Hair is thin and patchy on top.

  2. Yeah, another transplant may be on the way. But Bill's hair on public appearence is always thinner than on TV ou movie work.

  3. The chin is getting thicker and heavier. But the hair...

  4. I hope I look that good when I'm 79.

  5. Just get yourself the best team of plastic surgeons that money can buy, and you'll be fine, Jay.