Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shatner admits to hair loss (in an oblique way)!

We've previously looked at some rare and oblique references by Shats to his lack of (real) hair. Thus far, these have consisted of two passages from his autobiography Up Till Now - one in which Shats talked about not wanting his "makeup secrets" to be revealed and the other, the very final line of his book, where Shats asks rhetorically "Do I wear a toupee?" Click through the above link for more on these.

But we have managed to find a fresh one - and one that kind of blows these two previous oblique references out of the water. Seriously, this is quite a big one as far as our chronicles go! In 2005, William Shatner was a surprise performer at a glamorous bash entitled AFI Life Achievement Award: A Tribute to George Lucas - the title is pretty self-explanatory. During his comedic skit, Shatner contrasted Lucas' still thick hair with his own, shall we say, hair dilemma:

"I envy you. I really envy you. The hair. I just envy the hair. Is it a dominant gene?" Shatner told Lucas from the stage.

Below is a video of this brief, but earth-shattering moment.

Interestingly, this took place a year before Star Trek castmate George Takei's somewhat spiteful "outing" of Shatner's toupee usage during the 2006 Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner. We had always assumed that this was what prompted Shats to ease up a little on his toupee denials in his autobiography. Not so. So credit where credit is due: hats off to Shatner for this moment of undeniable candor in 2005.

And, just to place the moment in context, below is a video of the entire segment, which is very, very funny. We honestly think that this clip alone demonstrates in a nutshell just why William Shatner should be treasured as a true living legend! Who else could crash the apparent pomposity of Lucas in such an entertaining way?


  1. Shatner didn't have Lucas' enviable hair. But Lucas probably didn't have Shatner's enviable toupees.

  2. Even fictional characters have an interest in Shatner's toupee

  3. We still love him though, especially in Boston Legal