Monday, May 10, 2010

Poll result - back in two weeks.

This was a question that our readers often debated in the comments sections, so we thought we'd put it to a poll. 61%, a filibuster-proof majority, voted the "Lost Years" toupee era to be the worst. Thanks for voting!

This week and next week, the staff of Shatner's Toupee (pictured at the center-left of the above picture) is taking part in the annual William Shatner School of Toupological Studies symposium. During this key conference, we will be meeting with global leaders in both the public and private sectors, offering up our latest inventions and discussing how the study of Bill Shatner's toupee can help move the world forward.

Among the numerous items on the agenda, the WSSTS will be offering up a plan to use toupee-like material to assist in the absorption of oil from the seawater in the Gulf of Mexico, following the ongoing spill in that region. Fingers crossed!

Thanks, as always, to our devoted readers; over the next fortnight, many of your toupological discoveries and observations will also be heard by the world's most influential and powerful leaders. Let's hope they take note...

Shatner's Toupee will be back in two weeks!


  1. I really hope that Shatner's toupee can save the environment. Good luck!

  2. Brilliance of Brilliance.
    You guys are golden.

    I send you to this hopeful symposium with my complete confidence!
    To the toup and to Possibility!
    "Yes it can!"

  3. Never mind "toupee-like material - why not use actual toups? Bill's TJ era ones look particularly absorbent. I'm sure that if you string all his old toups together, and use them instead of/as well as the boom things, they will mop up the oil slick in no time.

  4. Dag nab it! What am I going to do for the next two weeks without my ShatToup fix?!

  5. Found a snarky mention by a journalist regarding the Shatner toup:

    October 27, 1991

    ...And then there are the Star Trek films. No matter that Star Trek V, in which Captain Kirk met an alien with a white beard who said he was God, was so awful that even dedicated Trekkies like me only saw it once.

    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country will soon be seen, with all the original crew aboard, although 25 years have taken their toll on those once youthful frames.

    Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner, has been much honored since the original TV series: in 1985 he was runner-up to Burt Reynolds in Hollywood's prestigious Toupee of the Year competition, but his battle of the bulge has been all but lost...

  6. The Shatner sitcom has been picked up by CBS, so we'll get to see Shat as the bald Sam Halpern. Let's hope that Bill's hair will be ready for the challenge of a weekly show.

  7. Just saw the trailer for $%#^ My Dad Says. Shatner didn't go toupless.