Monday, February 14, 2011

Poll result and a "Real Hair Reflex".

In our latest poll, we sought to guage your opinions on a potential causal relationship between Bill Shatner's relative recent easing up about his toupee denials and the fact that others, via jokes, Trek books etc. have made revelations about his toupee-wearing.

Only 2% thought that Bill Shatner believed on his own that it was time to loosen up a little; similarly only 2% believed that such non-Shatner-originated revelations actually slowed down the actor's own revelatory time-line. 16% believed that these factors forced his hand; 36% believed that he wouldn't have chosen to ease up, but is actually kind of grateful that his hand was forced. The largest share of the vote, 40%, went to those who believe (still) that Bill Shatner would rather there were no references to his hair, comedic or otherwise, at all - be it by him or anyone else!

Thanks for voting!

Bill Shatner wears an artificial covering on his head (the actor is also wearing a blindfold).

Thanks to a reader's kind tip, we also have an interesting "Real Hair Reflex" from a 1965 appearance on the quiz show What's My Line?. The guest panelist removes his blindfold - with the secret celebrity having been identified as actor Jack Lemmon - and then proceeds to pat down his toup to make sure that no major disruption occurred during the procedure:

Of course, if this was the only evidence available that Bill Shatner wore a toupee, the case (The People versus The Toupee) would likely be thrown out of court, as a real-haired person could just as easily make this kind of a quick hair check/pat down.

But the move - patting down the rear of the toup to make sure the lid is down - is remarkably similar to Ted Danson's toupee replacement and readjustment in one of the last ever episodes of Cheers:

Watch the full What's My Line? clip here and another Bill Shatner segment here.

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  1. In the still photo from the game show where he's wearing the blindfold, is that a visible lace line in front?