Monday, May 16, 2011

Poll result and more from the Weekly World News.

Our latest poll sought your views on the question of what kind of toupee Bill Shatner will be wearing ten or twenty years from now (if any).

More on this image here.

Only 3% of voters thought none - at that age, he'd realize the illusion no longer worked. 16% thought he'd be wearing the very same "Denny Katz" as now; 22% thought it'd be an updated version of the "Denny Katz" but perhaps a little whiter and thinner; 27% thought that Bill Shatner would be wearing something even darker and thicker than what he wears now.

29% of votes went to "Something that suggests some age-appropriate thinning, but certainly not baldness." In summary, not many of you believe that even a ninety-year-old Bill Shatner is going to be seen without his beloved toupee.

Thanks for voting!

Meanwhile, thanks to Google's efforts to scan all published materials in the universe (to look for mentions of Bill Shatner and his toupee, no doubt) we have another story from the legendary tabloid Weekly World News (previous entry here). In this case, it's from 2001 - completely invented of course - involving a stolen toupee:

Former Star Trek honcho William Shatner offers a $5,000 reward after a brazen robber steals his favorite toupee - snatching it right off his head as he dines at a sidewalk cafe. The toupee is later returned in the mail when the rug bandit apparently comes down with a bad case of cold feet.

In true Weekly World News style, the following story is "Elvis was Murdered!"

Finally, it is with mixed emotions that we bring you confirmation that the William Shatner sitcom $#*! My Dad Says has not been renewed by CBS for a second season. We've been pretty critical of the series, and aren't really sad to see it go, but are saddened that the idea of a Bill Shatner sitcom didn't work out. Will another chance like this come along?


  1. $#*! My Dad Says is really weak. Bill deserves something better.

  2. $#*! My Dad Says was horribly written and acted. The only programs worse are broadcast under the Fox News banner.

  3. never watched a single episode so I can't really judged. I knew of some of the dialogue and it sounded really weak. The problem with 'comedy' sitcoms these days is all the liberals out there just waiting to be offended at the slightest off-color remark in the script, so nothing is really funny anymore. The writers are all so careful not to "offend" Yes, you are correct the shows on Fox News are weak but for some reason the ratings blow away any other cable news channel around it. I just don't understand it.

  4. Ratty Lost Years PieceMay 19, 2011 at 4:30 AM

    I hope Fox retools with a better Shat-com, like "Toups My Dad Wears."