Saturday, November 19, 2011

Poll result and the "Denny Katz" gets a medal of distinction.

Our latest poll sought your views on the question of how Bill Shatner relates to the toupees he wears. Imagine that the time has come to retire one toupee and unwrap a fresh one. Is there a ceremony? Does Bill Shatner thank the old and welcome the new? "You did a great job!" and then "You and I are about to go on an incredible adventure!"... Or is it far less personal than that?

3% of you thought that the actor views his toups as little more than inanimate objects; 4% thought that he views them as members of the family; 7% saw a deep affection, like a close family member or pet; 14% suggested it was a love/hate relationship; 18% said it was a profound intimate connection, like with a lover. The most votes, 29%, went to "As protection, like children relate to security blankets".

Linus van Pelt from Peanuts.

Thanks for voting!

Now for the other thing. A recent appearance by Bill Shatner on Toronto's The Morning Show started off normally enough. But after some talk in which the actor notes that "we all hold a mask up" the conversation takes a rather interesting turn.

Suddenly, host Dave Gerry pulls out a head massager, asking "What's the significance of this object in your life?"

The actor seems not to know, calling it a "probe".

But, very much in a tone you'd expect from a combative political interview, Gerry intones "Mr Shatner..."

Is this an ambush?

The host then adds that according to his sources, Bill Shatner may have had box-loads of these things shipped from Canada to an "undisclosed location" in Europe where the actor was apparently attending a soiree back in 2010. Follicular regenerative therapy of some kind?

The actor cracks up.

And then, the unthinkable happens.

One of the female hosts (Kris Reyes) gets up...

...and begins massaging the head (and toupee) of Bill Shatner.

Is the toupee hair and membrane blocking out some of the strangely erotic "vibes" of this device? The actor seems to be getting it, though perhaps not with the full abandon that might be the case with his non-toup-wearing brethren.

Either way, what's really crucial here is: thank God this didn't happen years earlier when the actor wore a "TJ Curly" or "Lost Years" or even "Jim Kirk lace" as we may have been privy to a tangled, historic mess of epic proportions!

The "Denny Katz" performed with great distinction on this day and we extend our heartfelt congratulations! The full video can be watched in the second section here.


  1. if theyd tried that back in the 80s there wouldve been a bombardment of double fisted blows and drop kicks.

    saw this today - Kirk 2.0s hairline seems to be morphing into Jim Kirk Lace season 2 style

  2. I don't think it's just me who thinks this, but has anyone noticed how William Shatner's latest look is getting more similar to the Jim Kirk Lace? It's like a greyer, slightly shorter version of it, with the side-part and all. If he grey his hair two or three inches longer (assuming it could grow) and flipped the front hair to the side a bit, it would look almost exactly like Captain Kirk from TOS!

  3. that's amazing. i was in doubt that shatner even had a hairpiece. so i was sent to this site, but i can not find any hard evidence of this. this video actually is an argument against it. i'm confuse

  4. James Toupeerius KirkNovember 20, 2011 at 3:05 PM


    whatever that is on shatner's head, it can't be his real hair given to him by mother nature!!!
    If you'll dig through this blog, you'll find astonishing research about that!

    Always keep in mind, how much money celebrities like Shatner have; getting himself a hyper-toupet every few weeks costs him as much as a bottle of beer everday for an average person!

  5. Welcome to the site, Johan. We fully appreciate that our posts, including much of the phraseology we use, might leave a new visitor scratching their head with regards to finding an answer to the fundamental "does he?" question.

    Here's a link to a post that examines Bill Shatner's current "Denny Katz" toup. And as "James Toupeerius Kirk" wrote, some surfing around the site (aided perhaps by the right-hand columns) should hopefully help to shed some light on the many complex facts and issues surrounding William Shatner's lack of real hair.


  6. Ratty Lost Years PieceNovember 21, 2011 at 6:14 PM

    Kris Reyes - very cute. I'd let her stimulate my scalp.
    No wonder the Shat didn't get all upset. Heck, I don't think he would have even flinched if the toup became dislodged.

  7. shats own real syrupNovember 21, 2011 at 6:23 PM

    this proves absolutely nothing, about old wiggy having real hair...when you see what these top toupeed film stars have, to go though in the course of a movie, this thing is nothing...toups can go though a hell of a lot these days....honestly shats has been egg bald for a good 40 years.

  8. Plus for the poppy. A good Canadian is the Shat

  9. while i have serious doubts that shatner has real hair, i still have some doubt. many actors, even if they have real hair, uses wigs and hair extensions and other things to change their looks constantly. this can be the case for shatner, or at least; have you considered that he isn't entirely bald but has just thin hair? i have a friend who is a bigger star trek fan than i am, and he hadn't even given the issue much thought before i mentioned it. maybe my friend's childhood is a fake, that things he believed to be true are now crumbeling, and that everything now is uncertain? i also mentioned to him that his favorite actor, ben affleck, most certainly has real hair

  10. Shatner would probably look like walter koenig if he took off his hairpiece. maybe even less hair than walter

  11. I'm unsure if he has any real hair left on the top.... because all of those years of toupee wearing, with all of the glue, had to have had an impact on whatever was left after natural balding.

  12. I was all ready to send a slightly patronising, "ah bless!" type comment @ johan above for his toupological naivety with his comments - but the "Ben Affleck - real hair" comment gives him away as having a gentle bit of fun! Ben certainly seems to have real hair, and it is probably his (in that he owns it) but I'm unconvinced that it grows naturally from his scalp! The toup probe made me laugh more than I've laughed since the John/Yoko "hair peace" gag a few weeks back! Keep up the great work, toup team! :)

  13. Ratty Lost Years PieceNovember 28, 2011 at 2:10 AM

    In the interview, Bill says that all truth is relative. This gives a new perspective on his toupee denial assertions. Will the Institute need to re-calibrate the Shat-no-meter?

  14. Having worn toupees for so many years, Shatner probably came to think of a toupee as something one puts on in the morning and takes off in the evening. When he found the Katz hairpieces that are so radically different and can be worn for many weeks at a time, it didn't fit the definition of toupee to him. It is more like natural hair than anything hair appliance he ever wore in the past. So he can feel guiltless in being relatively truthful about it, according to his own interpretations.