Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bill & Carrie & Leonard & Charlie.

Our previous post examined Bill Shatner's new-found liberation in using the word "hair". It appears that this abandon has now extended to the current and ongoing lighthearted "feud" (also see this vid) between the actor and actress Carrie Fisher over which franchise, Star Trek or Star Wars, was better.

Amidst the banter, Leonard Nimoy, alias Mr Spock, interjected and posted a tweet on his Twitter page arguing that: "Carrie Fisher says her hair buns in Star Wars are better than Spock['s] ears. I don't agree. Her hair can't hear. LLAP".

Interestingly, Bill Shatner then re-tweeted his former co-star's tweet on his own Twitter page before responding: "@TheRealNimoy I don't know about her hair buns but @CarrieFFisher's buns are better than Spock's ears. And they can hear better. MBB"

Clearly, Bill Shatner is a man who lies to take risks as he's skating on very thin lace here: Spock's ears, Leia's hair (we believe this iconic hairstyle was Fisher's own bunched hair at the very center of the buns, while the surrounding "donut ring" was likely a hair appliance) - does Bill Shatner really want to go there? Or is he cleverly veering away by shifting attention to Leia's other buns?

Apparently both Nimoy and Fisher are fully aware of the rules of the game and aren't about to take any obvious digs. Nimoy's ears, Fisher's hair buns or other buns - check, but Bill Shatner's hair becoming a part of this conversation, even though he's mentioned hair himself on Twitter, even though he once told George Lucas he was envious of his locks, even considering what he wrote in Shatner Rules - ain't gonna happen.

There are rules...

"There are a million things in this universe you can have and a million things you can't have. It's no fun facing that, but that's the way things are," Captain Kirk once said in the Star Trek episode "Charlie X". There are rules.

Thus, as tempted as Nimoy might be to joke to Shatner and Fisher: "Cinnamon buns or thick locks, at least I never claimed my ears were real! " or Fisher might be tempted to joke: "Bill, you're the odd one out, at least Leonard and I took our appliances off!" it just isn't likely to happen in a public forum.

It's clearly a sensitive subject, and if you wanna be Bill's pal, then roast and jest but let him and only him talk about his hair, or else...


  1. "..Skating on very thin lace..."

    Great wordplay!

  2. the pic of Shat on the cover of his new book is a good toupee selection: short and thin in areas for a more realistic effect. That is the kind to use rather than the overly thick ones which are weird (even if they are by Ed Katz)

  3. shats own real syrupDecember 9, 2011 at 11:35 AM

    this is very interesting! I feel that maybe, they could have got away, with a gentle ribbing about the hair. That may have even helped bill, too take one more step forward, and he is'ot doing to badly on he own, i surpose we should be happy, that his even come this far.