Saturday, January 14, 2012

We're back!

Famous statue outside Archive Building 1A of the William Shatner School of Toupological Studies.

We're back after our brief break and hope that our readers too enjoyed a rest from the eternally challenging, but hopefully boundlessly rewarding subject of William Shatner's toupee-wearing! But now a new year is upon us and, as Captain Kirk once said: "There's still so much of their work to be done in the galaxy..."

First, our latest poll in which we asked our readers for your take on the question of why Bill Shatner chose to make another very explicit hair reference in his newest book Shatner Rules.

16% said that it was another small step towards the actor admitting that his hair isn't real; 29% said that mentioning it would make people believe that Bill Shatner is not hiding anything and that his hair is real; 53%, a majority, suggested that it was a clever nod to those in the know, while hoping that others wouldn't really notice. In political parlance, was Bill Shatner firing up his base?

Thanks for voting!

Next, we turn to a newly discovered "Real Hair Reflex" from a parody of the movie Se7en (1995). The short clip was made for the 1996 MTV movie awards and has Bill Shatner playing all the main roles in character as T.J. Hooker, the host of Rescue 911 and a sort-of out-of-costume Captain Kirk:

"Who are you? Who are you really?" asks Kirk perhaps hinting at the interesting duality (or triality) that presents itself in Bill Shatner's wearing of a toupee.

"What do you mean? I am the host of the hit series Rescue 911," responds the prisoner at the back of the car.

But the other Shatner, T.J. Hooker, evidently better understands the subtext and undertakes a rather prolonged scratch of the rear of the toupee. Is it conscious or subconscious that hearing the question "Who are you really?" causes this Pavlovian response?

Here's the moment in slow-motion:

Finally, there's also a fourth Bill Shatner, the one in the box (so as to not spoil the movie for those of you that haven't seen Se7en, we'll leave it at that). Interestingly, we see the "TJ Curly" modified here somewhat with the hair combed down at the front.

It's almost mop-top-like in a way...

A shame that Bill Shatner didn't more fully try this style with the "TJ Curly".

And finally (there's more still that you've very kindly sent us in terms of tips, which we'll get to in our next post) an interesting picture tweeted to us by a reader (yes, we're on Twitter!) of a whale interacting with Bill Shatner.

Whale to Bill Shatner: "Where I come from, size, shape, or color makes no difference, and nobody has hair..."

Looking at the picture, you may be asking yourselves this question. Is the whale part of an underwater Shatner toupee community and is it trying to get some close-up proof? Or is it confused by sensing a fellow smooth-skinned brethren but then seeing a full head of hair?

There's a funny caption contest in there too, we feel, so any ideas, please let us know in the comments section...


  1. Giant, hairless, fleshy creature with two-tone body and fishy odour spotted at SeaWorld.

    Also spotted - William Shatner.

  2. did bill shatner ever wear a lace front toupee again after the original star trek series ended?

  3. Greetings Adidas, yes we believe Bill Shatner did at least a couple of times on the Mike Douglas Show in 1969 after filming on Trek was over. -ST

  4. Maybe the whale was peckish and trying to nibble at some of the crustaceans undoubtedly forming under Bill's wig?