Saturday, April 25, 2015

Toupological roundup


We're absolutely drowning in toupees at the moment - with many great tips provided by our valued readers - so we thought the best thing to do was to publish a bumper roundup and clear the decks.

There's a 70s era pic apparently from 1972:

Once again Bill Shatner stakes a claim to be the true fifth Beatle. 

A striking style, but we'd say not necessarily the worst of 70s toupological excesses.

Then we have a gallery of characters from Bill Shatner's short-lived "master of disguise" series Barbary Coast via Getty Images.

Thie first, rather rarely from the 1970s, employs the "lace front" forehead attachment method we know and love from the "Jim Kirk lace": 

After that, things just get plain silly...

We've also had much talk about BIll Shatner possibly finally saying "what the hell" - or "sod it" in British parlance - with regards to keeping his toup in prime form. Why not, right? At age 84, the actor has become a global icon, Twitter fanatic (seriously!), and can get away with pretty much anything (even weird - but typically bold - irrigation ideas)...

If there's just a little less time for the toup, so be it...

But let's at least agree...

...that we don't want matters to get too out of hand. After all, we know from our pets that quality of fur is a strong indicator of all-round health. So routine is important...

As a celebrity, Bill Shatner remains in the glare of the limelight...

Anyone know what this is from?

For more on how spectroscopy can be used to determine chemical properties see here.

Now let's go back to 1979s Star Trek: The Motion Picture...

And an image via the good folks at My Star Trek Scrapbook. Clint Eastwood visiting the set with his family.

But why is Bill Shatner apparently not wearing his "TJ Curly"? Was there still a personal-use toup at this point, which differed from the "public appearance toup"? Does this picture show a coveted patch? Astronomers study Hubble Telescope images for amazing pictures like this:

Ever wondered how the staff at the William Shatner School of Toupological Studies reacts when they appear to stumble upon something?

Even if to the untrained eye, the contours may appear less-than-clear...

Our staff cherish and celebrate each potential find...

There is often much to squeeze into our busy schedules...

Occasionally, that can lead to pressure...

And even some tension and fraying around the edges...

But we are soon reminded that with each toupee comes new potential for discovery and exploration.

"A fresh batch of toupees arrives for me by courier on the first of every month. It is always a time of great anticipation, awe and excitement." - William Shatner (didn't say)

Let's end with a clip from a very rare 1990s TV documentary about the work of the William Shatner School of Toupological Studies. Staff assess an "impact site" (area subjected to extensive touposcopic examination), and are amazed by the results:

Thanks for the tips. Have we missed anything?


  1. Don't forget about this one first posted a couple of years ago

  2. shats own real syrupApril 27, 2015 at 12:55 PM

    So it appears, that the shat, is still wearing a toupee, or at least a hair system! The photo, from 1972, showed that at that time, all was lost on the toupee front, at least for a while, it appears that picking are so thin on the ground, that he can't afford a decent toupee! It really makes you miss the Jim kirk lace. That was always a winner.

  3. James Toupeerius KirkApril 28, 2015 at 11:25 AM

    I just got that idea while watching "the wolf in the fold" ;-)

  4. Thanks to this site, I know what lace lines on toupees are. Unfortunately, every time an actor wears one in a movie, I now cannot help but focus on the frontal lace attachment... :-P

    It'd be fun to see this site branch out, however briefly, into the larger toup world -- Kevin Spacey, Sean Connery, Humphrey Bogart... the list goes on. ;-)

    1. shats own real syrupApril 28, 2015 at 10:58 PM

      Interesting thought, about those other actors Matthew! There are, loads of photos, as far back as 1965, that shows, sean cannery without the toup! Kevin spacey, hair has been thinning forever, and had a bald patch, at his crown, years ago, and has needed a toupee, from at least the late 90's. And humphrey bogart's hair, started to fall out about 1944, or thereabouts. His hair fell out very quickly, from a small frontal toupee to full toupee, in a year or two. But because this site, is shatner's toupee, I don't think, it would be possible, to include these others.

    2. I wouldn't want it to branch out either. What other public figure had not only worn a toupee for so long but also steadfastly denied one in the face all of all overwhelming evidence! I tried to get into the Travolta and Reynolds toupes. Even studied with Paul Simon for a while. As they say on pizza boxes, "You've had the rest, now try the best"

    3. shats own real syrupMay 2, 2015 at 12:17 AM

      Toupees are absolutely fascinating, most jerk! And yes shatner, has denied it for decades, Dispite, some of the utter rubbish, cheap laughable mish mash, of toupees he has stuck on his head, just to hid his baldness. The others you mention, are quite interesting. John Travolta, has been losing his hair from at least the late 90's. Has burt Reynolds, ever had hair? Will the episodes of gunsmoke, he appeared in, in the early 60's seem to suggest his real hair is on show! But with him, who knows, there's never been any photos of him, with a thinning crown just a bit of thinning, at the front which I believe is all toup! He maybe like bobby darin, who was toupeed before he was 25! Paul Simon is. Interesting, as he did, at first show himself with receding hairline. He had quite a spectacular combover, in the early 70's, yes it was his real hair! Then around 73/4 he had a full (toupee) head of hair. But shatner, is still the best.

  5. The pic of Shat holding the hockey jersey harkens back to the Lost Years era. Ratty, too tall on top, wrong color. Why is he doing this? He's not living in the back of pickup anymore! Perhaps a gift to all of us here. By the way, love the Beatles references thrown in.

  6. I remember how bad the 70's were for hairstyles. I had a rats nest myself, with my own hair. I can tell you at the time, nobody probably batted an eye at his ratty toupe.

    The passage of time makes it more obvious

  7. Any thoughts on the recent Peter Shatner story? It seems to annoy Shat enough that he made a sly reference on his facebook page. The main claiming to be his son looks a lot like him. And the hair. Oh the hair!

    1. MJ:

      Just googled this story after reading your post, and I had to reply. This guys hair looks just like how I always imagined the Shats hair did by the time he was filming the original star trek. Very much worthy of this blogs attention!

  8. Also MJ:

    he is the spitting image of joseph shatner, the shats dad!

  9. This pic just defies description.

  10. A group of Canadians celebrate William Shatner's hair.

  11. Look at this obvious Shatner toupee in this pic:

    1. That's a "great" publicity still. Unbelievable how Paramount allowed such an obvious toupee shot to be released. The separation between the toup and the real hair could not have been more pronounced even if they traced the toup with a marker,

  12. James Horner, oh dear....

    1. Yes, very sad news. Nimoy, Bennett, Horner, Whitney. It has to stop!

      We'll be back with a fresh update soon. -ST

    2. shats own real syrupJuly 5, 2015 at 4:16 PM

      You're right shattoup. But we are all overlooking one thing, their all rather old, as are the rest of the original star trek cast! So sadly, thay will be popping off from time to time.

  13. shats own real syrupJuly 5, 2015 at 4:24 PM

    Sorry James horner was not old! Just 62!! What a bummer. Sad that!

  14. Anyone know what this is from?
    It's from a 1998 movie called Land of the Free.

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  16. Seems Shats has been less than perfect with the alignment a few times.