Friday, November 20, 2009

Shatner's toupee in pop-culture: Futurama (again).

The classic animated series Futurama already has one entry in our growing catalogue of references to Bill Shatner's toupee or baldness in popular culture. This second example occurs in the third season Futurama episode "I Dated a Robot" in which the character Fry steals the image of actress Lucy Liu in order to create an ideal robot lover.

During the episode, Fry and Leela visit a physical representation of the Internet. In this surreal place, the two characters walk past various stereotypical epitomes of the Internet - including two nerds arguing about whether Kirk of Picard is the better Star Trek captain (a somewhat passé discussion these days).

- "No way! Kirk could kick Picard's ass!"

- "Yeah, but at least Picard had the guts to admit he was bald!"

Watch the clip below:

Of course, technically speaking it is Shatner, not Kirk that is bald. Unless...did Kirk wear a toupee too?!?! Maybe he was bald but allergic to Scalpanox 5 (now there is an obscure reference that I'm sure at least one of our readers will help explain!).

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  1. Star Trek II - McCoy gives Kirk reading glasses because he's allergic to Retanox 5.

    I'm not the only one who knows that, but I'm the first to post it, which makes me feel all warm inside. And just a little bloated.

  2. Nooo. Don't make Kirk bald too. I mean it was always Kirk being bold and Picard bald (and thoughtful) and my poor heart will not this balance being shattered (Shatnered? ) well...

  3. Retinox - as in RetIna, not Retana

  4. Yes, well, the makers of Retanox are hip, like the Beatles. Misspelling is very rock and roll.

  5. Shat's favorite tennis player
    This article portrays the anxiety that a famous person has at the prospect of being unveiled as a wig-wearer. Could Shatner, toupmaster and tennis fan that he is, have known that Agassi was wearing a wig back then? The book that Agassi wrote was the type of book Shatner should have written.

  6. I am not a big fan of Futurama, but Bill's toupee mentions on it are always welcome.

  7. Were there any pictures of Shatner's toupee included on the records that were part of the Voyager spacecraft that were launched in the 1970's?

  8. What if an actual Shatner toupee specimen were included on board the Voyager spacecraft? "V'Ger is that which seeks the creator."