Monday, November 30, 2009

Toupee art.

A chronology of toupees - but also speculation about the future.

In 2007, The Shatner Show gave numerous artists a chance not only to interpret Bill Shatner's face, but also his toupees. The end result was both a book and a show. 76 artists - for that was Shats' age at the time - contributed works.

During The Shatner Show's run, most people focused on the face and largely overlooked that this collection also represented the hitherto largest collection of artistic images interpreting Bill Shatner's toupees ever assembled. From the "Jim Kirk lace", the "T.J. curly" and the "Denny Crane plugs" - all were subject to the artistic touch - there was even some speculation about the future direction of Bill Shatner's hair (see picture at top of page), suggesting a slow acceptance of some degree of baldness may be next.

You can buy and also look inside the book here. Read more about The Shatner Show at the Uppercase Gallery's blog.

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  1. Cool! I want some of these in my living room!