Monday, January 11, 2010

Bill Shatner removes fake hair on live television...

Ok, we'll admit that the above headline is a little misleading... What we actually have here is a 1992 appearance of Bill Shatner, along with Star Trek co-star Leonard Nimoy, on The Arsenio Hall Show. The skit in which the two men participated was meant to poke fun at the actors' advancing years following the final original Trek movie (in retrospect, they actually seem remarkably young, especially considering how very old the two friends are now).

For us, there's always a particular fascination in watching Bill Shatner interacting with any kind of hair - and this clip doesn't disappoint in that regard. Why is there a peeling action taking place when the fake beard need only be unhooked? What is Bill Shatner trying to tell us? Every frame reveals potential subtext, dual meaning, sheepishness and even philosophical enlightenment!

You can watch the full interview here.


  1. Shatner's hair turns up in the most unlikely places: 2002 article about Jodie Foster when she was still in the closet.

  2. This picture shows a young Shat with the TJ curley hair.

  3. Hey, in this Arsenio video, go to 2:48 ... you can totally see where the Toup diverges from the rest of his hair. In fact, if you just put your thumb over the toup, you can see him bald. At 3:22 you can see how the toup is lighter than the rest of his hair.