Tuesday, January 5, 2010

It's the wrong toupee!

Incident on a Dark Street (1973).

Seems that the marketing folks at various DVD and VHS companies are none too fond of the ratty "Lost Years" toupees that Bill Shatner wore during his career slump between around 1969-1976. So what to do? Re-write history!

Here's a British DVD cover for Impulse (1974):

The "Jim Kirk lace" look? In the movie, Bill Shatner looked like this:

Here's a VHS cover for The People (1972):

The "TJ Curly" look so soon? In the movie, Bill Shatner looked like this:

A double-bill of Incident on a Dark Street (1973) and Pioneer Woman (1973) looks like this:

In Pioneer Woman, Bill Shatner looked like this:

While the individual covers for the former movie look like this:

And this (click here to see just how much is wrong with this picture):

This is more honest, but the graphics people have given Bill Shatner an Afro for some reason:

An then there's this - the lack of a mustache is a dead give away that the picture is from a different movie (but at least it's "Lost Years"):

By the way, we always welcome any of your tips regarding where we can watch rare and difficult-to-locate Bill Shatner movies such as The People (1972), Perilous Voyage (1976), Riel (1978), Land of No Return (1978) and many others. Thanks!


  1. I think the picture of Shatner in the last Incident on a Dark Street cover was grabbed from his infamous rendition of Rocket Man. For added pain and teeth-grinding. - Kitty

  2. @Kitty Looks more like "Land of No Return". Much worse than "Rocket Man"...