Monday, March 28, 2011

Hair application footage.

Occasionally, Bill Shatner's YouTube page posts some behind-the-scenes footage of the actor's various projects - from Boston Legal, to $#*! My Dad Says, to the ongoing Priceline commercials. The latest one, ironically titled "Master of Disguises" takes us inside the filming of the latter:

The clip features a shot of Bill Shatner having a fake beard applied (we don't believe that the actor would claim that this particular hair was real).

Any such moment involving Bill Shatner and hair is, of course, extremely important for toupologists seeking to understand the actor's relationship to his beloved filamentous biomaterial. We likely won't ever see behind-the-scenes footage of toupee application, so this is really as close as we may get to seeing fake hair applied to Bill Shatner's head. And for that reason, we must savor it...

More here on this 1992 image.

If we turn the footage upside-down, we can at least pretend that the beard is scalp hair - but admittedly, this proves to be a poor substitute for the real thing:

This isn't the first time we've seen these YouTube clips providing a brief glimpse into the secret and certainly irresistible world of Bill Shatner's hair preparations. A while back, a behind-the-scenes clip from $#*! My Dad Says! showed a make-up lady combing Bill Shatner's toupee (or was it the real bit at the back?):

So is the actor taunting us? Or is he cognizant of the fact that his toupees have their own fan-base and thus keeping those followers happy/intrigued with such brief footage? Or, as a reader suggested not long ago, is it all just a carefully crafted front designed to make it seem like hair issues don't phase the actor at all: "I'll show them this as it will help make it seem that I don't wear a toupee, because if I did, I might be hesitant to allow such footage - which I am not."

Deciphering all this, one can't help but feel that Bill Shatner is something of a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, underneath a toupee - to paraphrase the famous Churchill quote!


  1. Is the actual Priceline spot where he says all these "As Am I" lines up and running yet? All I can find on YouTube is the Behind the Scenes video.

  2. We think it probably hasn't Stallion Cornell, but we're not sure. Thanks! -ST

  3. @Stallion Cornell