Friday, April 1, 2011

Poll result (with some help from Touposhop).

Our latest poll sought your views on a possible future entirely new Bill Shatner toupee style (if such a thing is in the works, Bill Shatner's toupological team are being very hush-hush about it!).

Will the current "Denny Katz" look seem too young-looking in a few years time? Might a change be needed - one more subtle, or one that casts subtlety entirely to the wind? Who knows...?

Only 2% thought Bill Shatner should adopt the "Rachel from Friends look" (actually looks kind of rock star-ish on Shats):

4% thought Bill Shatner should go for a Beatles-style Moptop:

6% thought, in light of Bill Shatner's upcoming heavy metal album, that he should go for long, curly rock star hair (we've used Brian May, who will reportedly be performing on Bill Shatner's latest album, for our Touposhop image):

18% thought that long hair tied back into a ponytail would make a great look (hair via David Beckham):

30% thought a "Jim Kirk lace: The Next Generation" à la Jack Klugman from Quincy M.E. was the way to go:

And the winner, with 36% of the vote, is thick white hair in the style of the late, great Leslie Nielsen:

Not in the poll, our toupologists also thought that the Jeff Bridges look might suit Bill Shatner. Any other ideas or composite images, feel free to send them to us!

And thanks, as always, for voting!


  1. other ideas

    a Lenny Nimoy - like he has not - short cropped (wouldnt be that diff to the D Katz one he has) or like he had it in the trek shows and movies (ironically Nimoy wore a TNG vulcan/romulan style toup for the Abrams movie..which kind of puzzeled me...he souldve just grown his hair out and styled it spock like - Nimoy has got UNREAL hair..shatner must be jealous)

    an Elvis quiff - 50s EP or even 70s White suit EP

    a TJ curly return - back to that uber thick helmet Trek III style

    shatner was sprting the Leslie Nielson in Deadly Years so maybe that one in a few years.

  2. The Brian May look is nice

  3. You can do no wrong with the white Leslie Nilsen!

  4. The Jeff Bridges look is definitely the way to go. One look at that photo, I knew the look right away before reading the caption.

  5. He should definitely go with a Mister-T look.If Shat reads this blog we are putting dangerous ideas into his....head.

  6. Agreed. The Jeff Bridges is a way to go. It gives Bill a much necessary sloppy/casual look.

  7. But I think that the curly TJ is gonna make a comeback. Just wait!

  8. chrome(dome) magnonOctober 13, 2016 at 12:12 PM

    Dear Lord-the Beatles style moptop is awesome. Even as a hetrosexual man (the last time I looked), I cannot help but be drawn to the picture of Beatle Bill and find it strangely alluring. Hopefully either my wife will adopt said hairstyle in order to re-kindle the dying embers of our marriage or I will have to seriously consider the future of my sexual orientation.

  9. chrome(dome) magnonOctober 14, 2016 at 9:42 AM

    After drenching various body parts in ice water in order to calm myself down after being strangely aroused by the picture of Beatle Bill, I have considered the merits of the other hairstyles on show here. Upon analysis, I've decided that the Rachel from Friends look is wonderful and captures an aura of beauty normally reserved for true iconic lovelies such as Helen of Troy, Jezebel, Cleopatra, Delilah, Eddie Izzard and Craig Revel Horwood (the latter two in drag). Maybe Bill could don this mop and, in his own inimitable style, 'sing' the Friends theme song "I' THEEEERE...for YOU".