Monday, February 8, 2010

Poll result.

A fairly divided set of results for the question of what hair Bill Shatner should wear if he appears in the next Star Trek movie. The current "Denny Crane" look got the greatest number of votes, but nowhere near a majority.

A composite approximation of how Captain Kirk would look with Bill Shatner's current hair.

Perhaps this was the real reason why Bill Shatner didn't appear in the last movie: "But Bill, your 'TJ curly' toup died in 2000. Is the audience going to believe that you could suddenly bring it back or that you have a completely new hairstyle?" The complex negotiations about the toup and how to explain the sudden change are apparently continuing. Let's hope the matter is resolved soon.

Click here to see today's Bill Shatner dressed up in his old "TJ Curly" toup. We also looked into this issue here.

Thanks for voting!

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  1. It's all wrong! Bill should wear the toupee from the post below!