Monday, February 22, 2010

A special anniversary "Real Hair Reflex".

An interesting "Real Hair Reflex" from a 1992 joint convention appearance of Bill Shatner and Leonard Nimoy in Sacramento, California to promote Star Trek's 25th anniversary. The event was filmed and released on VHS as The Twenty-Five Year Mission.

Perhaps giving toupee fans a special treat to mark Star Trek's anniversary, Bill Shatner starts by trying to scratch his head (buried underneath the somewhat thick toupee); he then moves to a mini pat-down of the toup, before apparently giving the toupee a scratch of its own (seemingly making no effort to reach down to the scalp). We call this rare confluence of actions "The Triple" - a definite treat.

The Twenty-Five Year Mission is presently up on YouTube in its entirety. Shatner + Nimoy is always a fun double-act to watch.


  1. Some big lifts in those Shatner shoes to make him look almost as tall as Nimoy. As for the way he strokes his toup, it's like he's calming a difficult pet and trying to sooth the anxious little creature perched on his head.

  2. I'm wondering if Shatner's acceptance of the lead in S#it My Dad Says for CBS may finally be a role that require him to unveil his scalp.

  3. Yes, he looks like he's wearing high heels

  4. The Toupee Titan of New York
    This is an article on the guy who did Sinatra's toups. I like his take on those who wear the same toup for weeks at a time without taking it off: “It’s just not right,” Mr. Paris said.