Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Poll result.

What would Bill Shatner say to this? A whopping 61% of voters believe that Bill Shatner's toupee (not as "real" hair, but actually knowing that it's a toup) is actually a crucial part of the actor's iconic appeal. Only 4% of voters have a lesser opinion of Shats now that they know the extent of his toupological machinations, while a third say the knowledge makes no difference.

Perhaps Bill Shatner wants to go bald but is fearful of disappointing toupee fans...actually, that doesn't really seem very likely - he probably remains as fearful as ever of his baldness being exposed.

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  1. is shatner really bald, or he just wants to make people think he's bald by wearing toupees for some fifty years? He does have a reputation for practical jokes.

  2. I have been wondering the same thing! here's what I think, I believe Shatner thought of using different toupees for each role, after all what makes a character unique is the makeup and wardrobe, and the actor decides on how the character should be presented.

    Can anyone imagine him playing a tough cop with a Kirk hair instead of Hooker's hair? the same goes with the two movies he did during Star Trek years, he could have gone with Kirk's style, but wouldn't be better to distinguish these three characters from each others?

    And yes I did see/read all the evidences, but what if he wasn't really that bald, what if he just really didn't like his own hair, and chose to shave his hair and be a toupee user instead, and chose whatever hair style he felt like wearing that day, whether he will be on TV as the guest star of the week, or being himself playing the celebrity persona on a game show.

    I think it would be interesting if you could make a compression pictures post of him wearing similar toupees that's been shared by other similar characters, I think he uses certain styles for certain characters.

    In the end as far as we know, he might really did wear those toupees to confuses, heck I wouldn't even be surprised if he was the one who encouraged these people to write about him and his toupee, thinking how funny and mysterious this could be, I mean here you are making a big deal of this with your blog, not to mention how conversations about him will always include this topic, and yeah the whole pop culture thing, family guy? robot chicken? yankovic's ebay? and god knows what else is out there...

    Now whether this thing is hurting his feelings or making him laugh at us, one thing for sure is, he will always be at the center of our attention!

    PS: I have been following your blog for motnhs now, and even though I had these thoughts for a long time, I never really felt I should share these theories of mine until I read this person's comment.

    " 51. pock speared - February 23, 2010
    i once met a girl in a bar in new york (early 80’s) who SWORE she did the shat in the seventies. she said he was making bald jokes as they copped (i remember the line: “touch my dome, baby”) and was really not so bald, really sweet, really drunk and really funny. for some reason i believed her and it seemed too low key to be a lie. and yeah, she was hot, and no, i didn’t go where the shat had been."

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  4. Even though Shats mostly wears just the hair transplant these days, he still wears a toupee occasionally, just to keep people guessing and becoming too familiar with any one of his many personas and characters. Funny guy.

  5. Ratty Lost Years PieceFebruary 25, 2010 at 6:56 PM

    There is a saying that clothes make the man, but in Shat's case, it is clearly the rug.