Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dr Touplittle - he talks to the animals!

Bill Shatner has always been a lover of animals, keeping both dogs and horses (maybe it's their manes he so appreciates), while also working as a tireless environmentalist. It seems that the toupee also plays a role...

A while back, we brought you a potential thwarted toupee snatching courtesy of Koko the Gorilla. This time, we have something considerably more moving from the animal world - a Killer Whale jumping above Bill Shatner's head and perfectly mimicking the shape the actor's toupee (the arch, the lace flaps - it really is incredible!):

The incident is briefly descibed in Bill Shatner's autobiography Up Till Now and based on toupological factors, likely occurred sometime in the late 1980s. Was the whale thanking Bill Shatner for bringing the plight of whales to the public's attention in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home? From the look on Bill Shatner's face, it is evident that the actor is both delighted and moved by the whale's mimicry of his toupee.

Watch the segment below from a Canadian documentary on Bill Shatner, recently uploaded to YouTube, to see the actor's love of animals: