Monday, April 18, 2011

Poll result and headbanging...

Our latest poll sought your views on how you might have reacted as a child to learn that the actor who played Captain Kirk was actually bald and wore a toupee. It's an issue that may be at the very core of Bill Shatner's toupological psyche, yet only one single voter (rounded down to 0%) chose the "It would have made me less of a fan of Kirk/Shatner" option.

Meanwhile, for 7% the news would have confirmed existing suspicions, while for another 7%, such news would have made them even bigger fans of Kirk/Shatner (is the toupee such a draw in itself?).

Did the toupee help make Star Trek seem more "far out" and unusual?

10% said that as children, they simply would not have understood such matters, while for 12% of respondents, the news would have been devastating - worse that learning that Santa Claus was not real; for 17%, such revelations would have made Star Trek seem more fascinating and unusual, while 20% of voters say that they would simply have refused to believe it!

Notice the sprouting artifact - was Star Trek loaded with complex toupological symbolism?

The winner, with 23% of the vote is "I wouldn't have cared" - a result which a young Bill Shatner would certainly have found astonishing.

Thanks, as always, for voting!

Meanwhile, as many of you will surely know, Bill Shatner recently released the seriously impressive line up for his upcoming metal album Searching for Major Tom. Alas, no Brian May - were hair differences just too much to overcome? The artist still known as Shatner will also receive an "Honorary Headbanger Award" later this month at the Revolver Awards - for embodying the spirit of heavy metal music.

Just how important is hair in headbanging? This video seems to think it is very important...

But while Bill Shatner may not have the hair, the award recognizes that with the right spirit (or toupee), such problems can easily be overcome.

Our toupologists tell us there'll be a new full toupological analysis later in the week!

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