Tuesday, June 30, 2009

George Takei's Shatner toup references during somewhat cringeworthy Comedy Roast segment.

Roast of William Shatner
George Takei, pt. 2
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A clip from the 2006 Comedy Central Roast of William Shatner in which George Takei takes some very direct shots at William Shatner's toupee wearing. Shats just smiles/cringes.

Is this funny or just a mean way for Takei to try to publicly humiliate Shats? There is obviously not much good blood between George Takei and William Shatner, so roasting someone whom you really don't like is always tricky as the emotions can override the humor. Plus the gay innuendo isn't really that funny. Sorry Takei, we're with Shats on this - he was the star of Star Trek - leave him alone.


  1. Wow, at least two of the people in that clip are dead now :(

  2. I don’t know. That was pretty cringey, and not particularly funny. It was just okay. Not terrible, at least.