Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How bald was Shatner in TOS?

Roger C. Carmel

Two myths around William Shatner's baldness in TOS: One, he was as bald as Patrick Stewart; two, he wasn't bald at all. Neither are true. In fact, in TOS (including the second pilot that is 1965-69), Shatner was somewhere in-between Richard Nixon and Jack Cafferty and he got balder throughout the run of the show. Another comparison is with Roger C. Carmel, who played Harry Mudd in Star Trek- they both had similar hair. Shatner had most hair-loss in the centre of the crown, and retained some hair at the top front of his head, though this grew progressively thinner.

In 1965, Shatner probably looked more like this.

By the end of Star Trek in 1969, he likely looked a little more like this.

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