Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Only known picture of William Shatner without toupee (or not - we've since found more).

William Shatner with his first wife Gloria Rand circa 1957. The pair divorced in 1969. Photograph sourced from here.

UPDATE: See here for more info on the above picture.

William Shatner with his wife and daughter.

In the above picture, Shatner is wearing a toupee, but not of the expensive lace variety. This is likely one of Bill Shatner's own toupees which would have been considered unsuitable for filming.


  1. How about these photos (from the book CAPTAIN QUIRK):

  2. I've seen the first picture before. I've also seen this on another blog.

    First off, the picture is fairly blurry to begin with. And it seems some wind is blowing the top part of his hair upward. This obscures what's behind it. The blown-upward hair appears lighter than what's behind it. A view of his then-wife shows she has the same highlights going on in her hair.

    While I'm convinced that Shatner wore a toupee throughout the entire run of TOS, I'm thinking for this picture (and for the 2nd pilot, WNMHGB), he wore his own personal toupee.

  3. There are a couple pics taken of The Shat when he was on Broadway in World of Suzie Wong that are included in his book Up Till Now. In those pics, his hair looks quite thin and kind of looks like he may have been doing a combover instead of using a rug.

  4. I love Bill with or without a toupee! He was my first crush at age 5, sitting in front of the TV, realizing that there were very interesting creatures out there called "Men." I'd still take him..

  5. I think his best hairpiece was in Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country. His worst was in TJ Hooker and Star Trek 2

  6. Shatner originated this phrase,"Risk is our business", not from the episode Return to Tomorrow but form telling the makeup person while putting on his toupee.