Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How soon did Shatner start going bald?

(UPDATE: See here for more on this question)

William Shatner started thinning in his mid to late twenties. The image below from 1957's Studio One: The Defender highlights just how thin his hair was by the mere age of 28 (more on this here).

Below we have a few stills from the 1958 film The Brothers Karamazov. Here Shatner is already wearing a hairpiece, although in this case it is probably best described as a simple wig. The point though is that the hair-stylists evidently didn't have much natural hair to play around with.

Finally, below we have a TV appearance from 1960 in The Twilight Zone (episode "Nick of Time"). Here, Shatner already displays his famous lace hairpiece similar to the one he wore on Star Trek.


  1. This is definitely a hairpiece, though I believe the front hairline is artificial.

  2. This is from an episode of the Twilight Zone.

  3. The episode is called "Nick of Time" (1960)