Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New toupless photos?!

Many thanks to a reader who pointed these out. We have a new set of photos of William Shatner apparently (or not) without his toupee, from the book Captain Quirk: The Unauthorized Biography of William Shatner. These are from around 1966-7 and feature Shatner (with his first wife and daughters in the lower picture, one of whom appeared in the Star Trek episode "Miri"). Whether or not Shats is wearing a hairpiece here, it is clear that Shatner was not Patrick Stewart bald during the filming of TOS, but rather Richard Nixon thinning. See here for more on that.

What you can't see from these angles, but can nonetheless sense is the lack of bulk at the top rear of the head, where the most thinning was taking place. Is the frontal hair swoosh Shats' own?

We welcome any suggestions and comments. Only with your help can we make this the definitive oracle on Shatner's toup.

UPDATE: A better resolution photo, albeit watermarked. Is this a toupless Shats?

UPDATE II: One of our earlier posts. Since publishing this piece, more toupological information has come to light, which suggests that these are indeed typical "Jim Kirk lace" images - although perhaps self-applied, hence a slightly higher hairline.


  1. I'd have to say no, those pictures are of his own person toupees.

  2. I don't see any watermark. I see a lot of compression artifacts made visible by blowing up a tiny jpeg...

  3. if you look, at the side of his hair, his sides are receeding, and if you push back, the hair at the front, you can see his balding, so i think, this is a very late, will san toupee. It agrees with his balding at that piont. And if he had, been shot from the back, we would have seen a 4-5 inch bald patch. So yes that is bills, thining hair!

  4. nope. toupee, classic Jim Kirk style.

  5. at first, i was mistaken, by the angle, of the picture, but i have to admit, william is touped up agian. His frontal hair in 66-67, would have been almost gone. It's kirks toup, badly applyed! I dont think, you will ever found, a toupeeless bill, after 1959-60 as his frontal hair, would be to thin to do the cover-up.

  6. This blog has changed my life forever.