Sunday, July 19, 2009

Always with the hair...

It is funny that so many Star Trek fans are fascinated by Bill Shatner's hair. Even a discussion of a review of a Star Trek episode can eventually slip into a the search for the "Holy Grail" picture of a bald Shatner!

Check out this review of the episode "Shore Leave" at in which commenters again turn to that eternal question, dissecting screen-grabs (stunt-double or Shatner?) etc. in a way that would make even students of the JFK assassination proud.

One commenter even notes wryly "Mmmm…more interest in the Shat’s hairline here than the actual ‘improved’ effects on this thing…"

I suppose that is why we set up this blog - let's get this thing out in the open in one place, dealt with etc. so that we can spend the rest of the time enjoying Shatner the actor rather than Shatner the toupee wearer! Does that make sense?

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