Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Shat-no-meter ruling...

"I don’t wear a hairpiece." - William Shatner, 1994, (source here).

There is a mountain of conclusive evidence that William Shatner has worn a variety of hairpieces throughout his career. Unlike with our previous ruling on a more recent statement that gave Bill Shatner the benefit of the doubt because of a clever use of the word "it", here we find nowhere near enough wriggle room with the word "don't". The evidence of toupee wearing is so overwhelming and has, we believe, been conclusively demonstrated at this website, that this statement can only be described as ridiculous. We therefore have no choice but to give it our lowest Shat-no-meter rating - "Pants on Fire".


  1. I like the picture from 'Whale Of a Tale' in reference to Shat's claim he doesn't wear a toup. Touche!

  2. Well, at the time of the interview he could have had a weave done so he technically wasn't wearing a toupee. If memory serves that's the dodge Elton John used quite a bit (although he's generally pretty open about the state of his hair, it seems).