Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sam's toup...

For a few seconds in the first season Star Trek episode "Operation: Annihilate!" we see the character of Captain Kirk's brother, Sam - also played by William Shatner. Are there any toup clues to be found here? Yes!

Sam's hairstyle is a little different - more of an attempt at a middle part. But the real clues come from the color mismatch betweeen Shatner's slightly dyed-grey look here for his real hair at the sides and the untreated look of the toup (a similar effect can be seen in the episode "The Deadly Years").

Why wasn't the toup dyed too for this shot? Simple: Hairpieces were very expensive and the more they were treated or washed, the greater the wear. Besides, it was only a few second shot. Who would have thought anyone would be remastering this stuff forty years later!

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