Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More on the alleged second toupless pic.

Here we have an enlarged and better resolution picture of an alleged toupless Shatner, albeit with a watermark to the right of the picture. So is he really toupless here? It seems possible that Shatner is indeed wearing his rear toup here - the one that covered his crown and reached to just behind the hairline - the smooth curve of the back of the head would seem to suggest this. It is hard to tell, but look at the almost certain toupless pic that we have below: there, the "blanket" covering at the back is clearly missing.

But the front toup is either absent or is attached further back than normal. If we paint out the hair swoosh, we see a hairline further back than we would normally see.


  1. A rug is definitely being worn in this pic. The hair on the sides and very back is real, but up top & in front it's totally fake. The front hairline is too full and precise.

  2. Honestly I’m just kind of curious what the hell is going on with the Shat and that guitar. Can he actually play or what? He’s holding it like a prop, and not like a musician would.