Thursday, July 30, 2009

Old meets new...

A publicity photo from Bill Shatner's 1976 appearance in the gameshow Hollywood Squares. In this rare case, he appeared in character as James T. Kirk for a special segment called "Storybook Squares". We think it is the only time that the old Kirk look was meshed with the new Shatner hair.


The above photo (date unknown) appears to be a rare example of Bill Shatner resurrecting the old "Jim Kirk" toupee look which originally lasted from around 1959-1969. Perhaps it is something he occasionally dons when he feels a sense of nostalgia for the old Star Trek series! The classic lace frontal swoosh is unmistakable.

The closest on-screen resurrection of the old "Jim Kirk" toupee look came in the 1975 TV movie The Tenth Level. The look is very similar to the old one, but not quite exactly it. Any other examples, let us know!

By the way, we noticed that someone on Twitter is called "ShatnersToupee". Sadly, it isn't us - someone has beaten us to that name.


  1. One of the highlights (among many) we're treated to on The Transformed Man album is the clearly visible lace toupee front on Shat's forehead on the half of the cover that is illuminated.

  2. this photo from 1970:
    Shat had left Capt Kirk's hair in the past and was blazing new trails with the help of modern hair technology.

  3. Regarding that second picture -

    You can't really see the rest the hair or his head to really know if that's one of the TOS style hairpieces. But looking at the section of hair to the side of his head, it is probably a picture from the mid-90s, probably around the time the Generations film came out.