Saturday, July 18, 2009

Yet more from the "Toup Dark Ages" (1969-1976) and would toup-less really have been so bad?

From a 1974 episode ("Burning Bright") of The Six Million Dollar Man (1974).

Thanks to a reader for the link. This really is very bad indeed. Oh, Bill! You could have just damn well gone bald in these films instead of these really bad rugs - you could have been the next Jack Nicholson. OK, so Shats later became a self-deprecating living legend in his own right, but the "Dark Ages" or "Lost Years"were possibly wasted years.

See? This is a handsome-looking and dignified actor.
You are looking at his face instead of that silly toup.

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  1. Recently saw this episode on DVD. It inspired me to seek out and read your blog. I guess I never really realized how disturbing my young mind found the Shat's hair discrepancies until now.