Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Another early Shatner toupee press report.

For the People (1965)

Thanks to a reader, we previously managed to locate a press report from 1957 (see here) which openly notes that Shatner "had already ordered a toupee to camouflage a thinning spot in the cinnamon hair."

Well, now we have located another report, this time from the somewhat curious and very difficult to navigate (but also full of interesting material) Star Trek archive site Memory-prime.de. The June 1965 story (newspaper unknown) refers to Bill Shatner's role as an assistant district attorney in the short-lived, but well-received CBS series For the People, which largely sank because it aired at the same time as the popular NBC series Bonanza. The article makes a prominent mention of Shatner's lack of hair - it appears that at the beginning at least, the toupee was an open secret:

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  1. Having two hairpiece-wearing genius Canadian actors (Lorne Greene and William Shat)on at the same time was simply too much for the country. One of them had to lose.