Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The hidden hairline years.

Here on this blog, we have found many categories for the world of Bill Shatner's toupee. Now, we have a fresh one: 1969-1999, the hidden hairline years. The "Jim Kirk" look (1959-1969) allowed Shats to present to the world a visible hairline. The lace toupee attached to the front of the head was intended to show realistic hair that could be combed upwards away from the forehead. But after that, right until the "Denny Crane" look emerged, Shats' hairline was largely hidden either by bad wigs (1969-1976) or wonderfully coiffed curls (1976-1999).

So what weird and wonderful secrets were hidden behind those thick curls? The answer isn't always pretty. We've found two pictures where the line of a very noticeable hairpiece is visible on Shats. Of course, even toupee wearers are entitled to bad hair days, right?

By the way, thanks so much for your comments and tips - the latter of which we will certainly be following up on.


  1. That second pic with the sportcoat and tie is especially bad. People magazine in the early 90's named him Worst Dressed Celebrity for at least one year. I don't know if the toupee factored into that judgment, though.

  2. Do you have the dates on when exactly these pictures were taken?

  3. I've come to think no matter how good William Shatner's wigs are, they will always look like wigs because we all know he's bald as a coot. He can't win!