Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The William Shatner baldness estimation challenge.

We've never really undertaken a serious attempt to create a realistic approximation of what 1960s Bill Shatner might have looked like sans toupee. So we had a go, using the evidence we have accumulated here at this blog as a guide. Above is a bald Captain Kirk. He doesn't look too bad, does he?

And finally we have Shats in a nonexistent and invented rare un-toupeed appearance in some 1960s TV show. He might have made a fine character actor as we think he looks very good here - certainly far, far better than this...

UPDATE: A reader writes: "Shatner was wise to stick (obsessively) with the toupee. Without it, he wouldn't have stood a chance in Hollywood back then."

That is certainly true for an aspiring leading man during the 50s and 60s, but one wonders if the often silly-looking toups didn't hurt Shats' career during the lean years in the early 1970s. Perhaps that is a question for our next poll...

UPDATE 2: Yes indeed it is Harry Mudd's head as many of you have suggested.


  1. Shatner was wise to stick (obsessively) with the toupee. Without it, he wouldn't have stood a chance in Hollywood back then.

  2. Bill is looking like Harry Mudd..

  3. Check out this picture :

    You can really see the line between his natural hair and the lace. If someone can quick photoshop this, it would reveal a lot.

  4. It almost looks Roger C. Carmel's head has been superimposed over Shatner's.

    On a related note, Carmel was born one year after Shatner. One could assume that had Shatner really looked like this under his toupee, he'd probably have been fighting for roles similar to Carmel. Clearly he was fighting for leading man roles, and not having much hair (and having that revealed to the pubilc at-large) would probably have ended his aspirations.

  5. I especially dislike the bald head crown.

  6. I like this look. Makes him look like a badass "toughie"