Monday, August 31, 2009

More toup on toup...

"Toup on toup" is attempt to log instances where Bill Shatner has stunned audiences by wearing a wig or other hair appliance on top of his existing rug, thus ensuring two layers of trapped bodily heat - enough to keep an Eskimo very warm in winter. We've previously found an example here and now we have another one, also from the TV show Boston Legal. The image is sourced from here and fans of the series will hopefully be able to tell us just what was going on in this picture.

Is there an expression on Bill Shatner's face in the above picture which suggests that he appreciates the ridiculous nature of the toup on toup scenario?

UPDATE: A reader has very kindly and very quickly helped point out the episode (Season 3's "Guise 'n Dolls") and context related to the above picture. Click here for a transcript of the episode.