Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shatner's toupee in pop-culture: The Simpsons.

In 1993, during the fourth season of the animated series The Simpsons, the Star Trek cast was rather mercilessly lampooned (mainly for their advancing years) in a brief segment in an episode entitled "Itchy & Scratchy: The Movie". The segment in question is an amusing fictional trailer for a wonderfully titled Star Trek XII: So Very Tired.

Among the many things the segment pokes fun at is Bill Shatner's toupee, which in this case sits thickly resplendent and richly colored on top of his mismatched real and very gray hair. Of course, Bill never had these kinds of severe mismatches in the later years as is depicted here - that actually tended to happen far more during the early years of Star Trek as you toupologists out there will know all to well!

The real Shatner, with some help from Photoshop!

One interesting note: Bill Shatner is perhaps one of the only celebrities of his stature never to have guest-voiced on The Simpsons. Could this segment have offended him? Who knows? However, Shatner later did famously appear in The Simpsons' sister-series Futurama in an episode entitled "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" - his hair in that episode was without any mismatched toupee line. Anyway, below is a video of the aforementioned sequence.

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