Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Koko the toupee snatcher?

Not only has Bill Shatner invented his own acting style, but he has pretty much invented his own style of martial arts. Remember the Captain Kirk drop-kick, double karate-chop to either side of the neck followed by a throw to the floor? Well, those finely-honed Jackie Chan-like reflexes can be just as geared towards toup protection as anything else. Case in point: "In 1988, to help the Gorilla Foundation encourage Californians to contribute to its Endangered Species Campaign, I was permitted to visit Koko the Gorilla in her quarters. Koko was an extraordinary animal who had learned to communicate with human-beings." (From Shats' autobiography Up Till Now).

This was a very moving/terrifying experience for Bill Shatner and he recalls it in detail in his autobiography. But something else happened that isn't mentioned in his book. Below is a video that features an interesting clip of the encounter, narrated retrospectively by Shats for the audio version of Up Till Now. If you study the footage at 1:00 minutes, you will see a finely-honed toup-protecting block from Shats. Thankfully, Koko was likely not making a move to pull off the strange creature nested on her new companion's head, but rather simply giving Bill a warm hug. But Shats' instinctive move to prevent a potentially humiliating scene is highly evident in the clip.

By the way, we promise we'll look at the underwater stuff from Star Trek IV soon! And thanks as always to our readers - a mistaken attribution from the previous post has now been corrected.


  1. Koko´s hair is more natural than Bill´s, for sure!

  2. I wonder if Koko ever learned the word Toupee and what it meant.

  3. This encyclopedia entry on toupees uses Shatner as posterboy but doesn't even mention him by name.

  4. for me it seems like just protecting himself from being poked in the face -) it's an animal and who knows why she's getting her hands to you

  5. It may be that Shatner has feelings for his toupee and was trying to protect it the way a mother would a little baby.