Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Captain's Wig.

Volume III of the old Star Trek soundtrack releases contains a track from the episode "The Naked Time" called, somewhat curiously, "Captain's Wig" (see here). Does anyone out there have a suggestion as to what in the plot of this episode could have led to such a title? The other cue titles are largely related to the plots of the respective episodes such as "Knight / Joust" or "Time Reverse / Future Risk". Is there anything related to a "Captain's Wig" in "The Naked Time"? Are we missing something here?


  1. I think a better title would have been "Captain Wigs Out." The plot of Naked Time is that an epidemic runs through the Enterprise crew, causing their inhibitions to be stripped away - revealing their desires and insecurities. After Kirk is stricken, he launches into a self-pitying monologue about his loneliness as Captain.

  2. I wish it'd been Captain's Pig. Kirk reveals that his innermost desire to be a farmer. Special guest star: Arnold Ziffel

  3. Ohh. :O

    .... but ... you are smart.


  4. A year or two late...

    I think you were thrown off by the fact that most of the track names are episode-specific. I believe this one is more universal in its Trekness, if you'll pardon the pun:

    "Captain's Wig, Stardate 5440.2. During a routine survey mission of the Denorex system..."