Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shatner's toupee in popular culture: Polly Pepper.

Asides from animation, short-films and songs, Bill Shatner's toupee has also forever been immortalized in the world of fiction thanks to writer R.T. Jordan and the 2008 novel Final Curtain: A Polly Pepper Mystery (see here for more). The book is about the life of an ageing fictional television actress who ends up trying to solve a mysterious murder.

On page 248, we have this nugget:

"Soon Polly was making the rounds of several other tables. She air-kissed Megan Mullally, Bridget Fonda and Will Ferrell, and when her social chores were over she hugged her waiter, Kevin, good-bye and then settled into the back of the Rolls. She made comments about several of the restaurant's famous clientele. 'That's not a judgement,' she defended her sniggering at William Shatner's crooked toupee. 'It's merely an observation. Polly Pepper never says a negative word about her friends and colleagues.' "

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  1. Shat's toup was mentioned by Harlan Ellison in his story "How's the Nightlife on Cissalda?". A traveller returns from another dimension, and brings with him sex-hungry aliens who are soon clamped to every human on the planet. Shatner goes so berserk for the aliens he dislodges his toupee while in the middle of the mighty sex act.