Friday, September 25, 2009

Toupee dating...

This isn't a post about the romantic adventures of Shats' toupee (we hear it fell in love with a Tribble once), but rather, like the process of carbon dating, a way of using Shatner's toupee to identify the date when an unknown picture was taken. The William Shatner School of Toupological Studies currently has a patent pending on this exciting new scientific process. Now, let's put it to use:

Take the above picture from the Rex Features photographic agency ( A larger watermarked version can be seen here. The picture is labeled by Rex as being taken in 1971, a full two years after we have determined that Bill Shatner stopped using his Jim Kirk-style lace. Could this be a stunning and rare return of this beloved toupee? Or could this be a mistake by Rex Features? We should note that our touposcopes give a toupometric reading of 1968 plus-minus one year for the above image.

A toupologist at the Toupological School working with a touposcope.

Perhaps the answer to the above question is found in Rex's list of Shatner photos where the actor's third wife is called "Noreen Kidd" rather than the correct Nerine. They also have an image of Shatner with his second wife Marcy labeled as 1964 even though the pair did not marry till 1973. Yes, toupology is an exact science...

However, we should add that they have some great Shatner pictures, including an image of Bill Shatner, seemingly toup-less, with legendary director Alfred Hitchcock.

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  1. It's interesting how far Shat fell in leading man appearance between 1969 and the early 70's. He really needs the attention of the public or he becomes dejected and lets himself go.