Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Keep it light part II.

In the post "Keep it light" (see here), we found a great picture of Shats with a remarkably light toupee which we thought suited him very nicely (this image remains one of our favorite and we think most appropriate Shats toup moments).

We've also looked at outlier toupees (see here) - hairpieces which seem to go against the grain of the current style that Shats is wearing. And finally, there were the hidden hairline years (see here) - during Shats' curly toup phase (1976-1999) the hairline was mostly hidden by thick curly locks.

We've found a picture (top of page) on the web that falls into all of these categories: It is the very opposite of the keep it light principle; it is an outlier toupee and it also shows us a rare glimpse at the hairline during the curly toup phase.

If you do a little reading about toups, the first thing hairstyle experts usually say is avoid the mistake of having a toup that is unnaturally thick. Basically, keep it light. The light principle worked so well during the "Jim Kirk look" phase (1958-1969) but the curly weave phase raised many eyebrows across the spectrum.

The above picture really shows just what too thick means; it also is a great visual example of the circa 1983 extension of the weave right down to the sideburns (see here for more on that).

Finally, we have to say that we have absolutely no idea when or where this picture was taken (it is one of those pictures where Shats' age is difficult to determine). The toup down to the sides dates it on or after 1983. The curly hair dates it on or before 1999. The dark brown hair color would seem to date it before 1991. Then there are the microphones and tape recorders that look very 80s. We would guess 1988 (though it could be as late as 1995), but really don't know.


  1. Yak-hair category. Atrocious hairpiece. I'd guess early 1990's.

  2. Looking at the heaviness in his face, I would guess 1989-1990.

  3. Great Shatner GIF (3rd from the top)