Thursday, September 10, 2009

More unusually high hairlines.

The 1973 TV movie Incident on a Dark Street.

A few images from Inconceivably: Another Fawning Star Trek Fansite of more unusually high Shats hairlines. If you readers out there manage to track down any more, please let us know!

The 1978 movie Land of No Return
- the last ever appearance of a "Lost Years" rug?

A reader has also suggested the 1977 film A Whale of a Tale as a high toup moment.


  1. The positioning of the toup he wore in Whale of A Tale was also very high. It may have also been the last occurrence of that type of hairpiece style he used (1976-77).

  2. This pic reveals how severe Shatner's hair loss was during the mid-1960's. Even the side of his head below the temple had patchy spots. Later on, it may have been necessary to spray it with a thickener to make look more even.