Friday, September 18, 2009

More outlier toupees.

As we've looked at before, outlier toupees are Bill Shatner hairpieces that defy the prevailing styles that Shats wore at a particular time. A reader has pointed to two images, ostensibly from March 1979, of Bill Shatner with his second wife Marcy Lafferty.

These images were taken after principle photography had wrapped on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, by which time Bill Shatner was well into his curly toupee phase (1976-1999). Thus, the images definitely qualify as examples of an outlier toupee, and are far more reminiscent of the ratty "lost years" (1969-1976) toupee looks.

Bill Shatner in Star Trek: The Motion Picture (1979).


  1. There's a site where you can see an early Shatner performance in a Kraft Mystery Theater episode "The Man Who Didn't Fly" from July 1958. It's great to see master thespians Shat and Dr. Smith from Lost In Space on stage together. Also is an appearance on the Mike Douglas Show from 1978 which is not yet on YouTube. Here, Shat tells what it was like to be booed off the stage, something he felt quite traumatized by. He also re-enacts his first encounter with extra-terrestrial life, also an unpleasant experience for him.

  2. "This weekend in California, it's the Emmy Awards. I'm not going this year. Last year was embarrassing. William Shatner and I showed up wearing the same toupee." -- Dave Letterman

  3. To be honest Shatner looks more like Kirk in that picture with his wife than he does in TMP...