Wednesday, June 24, 2009

An appeal to Shatner fans.

Dear readers, please send (just post a comment at this site) any quotes in magazines, books and fanzines related to Shatner's toupee that you know of - from anyone that might have had first-hand knowledge or experience. And, of course any photos too. Thanks!


  1. Joan Collins said in a British TV interview that when she guested on Star Trek, there was a short, pudgy, pale bald man being made up in the chair across the room. She had no idea who it was. A while later, she sees a man stand up from that same chair who was tall, slim, tanned, with a full head of hair and who she instantly recognized. Shatner was literally, through the help of makeup, toupee, and shoelifts, The Transformed Man.

  2. I saw this interview, it was with Clive James in the early 1990s. That is indeed pretty much what she said about Shatner. She didn't recognise him at first because he was bald.

  3. Why worry about it? He's an accomplished actor. He was made up for TV & the big screen He is plain looking just like the rest of every other actor without makeup. Leave the poor man alone.