Monday, July 6, 2009

Shatner in a hat - a more dignified actor.

One of the interesting things about seeing Bill Shatner acting with a hat on is that it obscures the toupee in a way that allows the viewer to re-focus on the face - the primary tool of any actor. Now does that sound weird?

The problem is that the Shatner toupee hairstyle can be a little distracting. It is the wrong colour and style (Shatner's hair is dark brown and curly, much like his later movie-era toupee) and you find yourself studying it; watching how it ruffles during fight scenes (will it fall off?) only to miraculously be re-combed in the next shot; it is almost hypnotic - it must be watched almost as if it were a secret second character emanating from Shatner.

So in the rare few times when Shatner wears a hat in Star Trek, you get to look at the actor in a way that is difficult otherwise. He looks slightly different too. More serious, a more dignified actor even...

Bill Shatner in 1982's Airplane II: The Sequel.