Monday, August 2, 2010

Reference points and the four phases of the toup.

Finding common frames of reference is crucial in the field of toupology in that it enables the numerous scientists at the William Shatner School of Toupological Studies to measure and contrast changes in William Shatner's toupee against a fixed point. Which brings us to Bill Shatner's gold uniform from the original Star Trek series - or close approximations thereof - as a way to highlight the "four phases of the toupee" which, incidentally, closely mirror the concept of the classical elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire - though not necessarily in chronological order, or at all...

First, we have the "Jim Kirk Lace" (circa 1958-1969):

Then, we have the "Lost Years" (circa 1969-1976) from Pray for the Wildcats:

Then, we have an early "TJ Curly" (1976-2000) - though still in a state of transitional flux - from an appearance in 1976 on the game show Hollywood Squares:

Flash forward an entire decade and we have a true "TJ Curly" (likely still "Phase I") from Bill Shatner's infamous 1986 appearance on Saturday Night Live in which the actor donned a very close approximation of his original Star Trek costume.

The whole sketch can be viewed here:


Finally, the closest costume match we could find for the "Denny Crane" look era (2000-present day) - we're increasingly inclined to believe it's another hair system--a toup!--rather than plugs - is something called William Shatner's Spplat Attack. In this 2002 show, Bill Shatner dons a Star Trek-esque costume - but, probably at Paramount Pictures' insistence, the actor wears red so as to not be too closely identified with the franchise.

And that's how one simple Star Trek costume can prove so useful to the field of toupology! See here for some interesting retro-Kirk toup outliers.


  1. wow - lookiing at those pics is a good indication of what star trek TOS wouldve looked like had it not been cancelled and instead been the longest running tv show ever

    somewhere in an alternate reality - im sure thats the case

  2. Burt Reynolds, like Shatner, had a hair transplant and has had the Denny Crane look up top for quite a while. and

  3. Good closeup pic.
    Is this a toup, plugs or a combination of both?

  4. TJ Curly + ST OS Uniform= no good

  5. Indeed, that's a bad combination. Actually, I think TOS Kirk and ST Movie era Kirk look quite different. If…it…weren't…for…Shatner…SPEAK…you…would…THINK…they…are…DIFFERENT CHARACTERS!

  6. No, no, no. Reynolds wears a wig. A transplant only moves the remaining hair around, it can't create a full hairline. Shatner is now wearing a pretty good system that admits to his age and doesn't attempt to make him look 30, but it is a wig nevertheless.

    Glad you are coming round to this "always a toup" view

  7. @Al - I'm not sure - they can do amazing things with transplants nowadays. Check out this guy who got his body hair transplanted onto his head:

  8. Prorokini Golebica - agreed Shatner shouldve broken out the JK lace for that SNL skit

    never seen it before though - seeing movie era Kirk in TOS uniform feels like something out of an unseen ST movie (like if the movie era crew went back to TOS era)

    btw are we SURE that SNL thing is 1986?? Shatner apopears to be wearing a diff toup to TVH or Hooker - looks more like 1987 or 1988 or maybe even 1990

  9. Reynolds doesn't wear a wig, at least not regularly anymore. "Actually Burt Reynolds does not wear a wig/rug anymore..he was showing off his transplants on a T.V. interview appx 1 year ago..clearly stating how he loved having his own hair re-distributed/transplanted..He actually was pulling his hair..In what I saw it was a very nice result."
    There are quotes by Reynolds himself on the web where he admitted getting the transplant done.

  10. These systems are good enough to tug on. Believe me, Reynolds hasn't that density and the toup line is glaringly obvious. As Reynolds told Maxim magazine, “I wear wigs once in a while. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. It’s all a joke really. I always say, ‘If you can get it off my head before I kick all the air out of your body, let’s do that. One good thing, no matter how old I get, is that people say, ‘He’s crazy; he’ll kick you.’ I have that reputation, so I just stick with it.”

  11. A Red Shirt Denny Crane? No way!!

  12. I'm sure Shat's exactly like Burt, tried the plugs but unsuccessful and now has a full system, maybe like Elton who shaves what's left and uses a full piece/system

  13. that 1976 gameshow - little did Shatner know that in just a couple of years hed have the leading role in the most expensive movie ever made and be directed by Robert Wise...

    those mustve been some dark days for shatner in 1969-77 going from tv movie to tv movie and gameshow to game show. he shouldve have had to endure that, he was Captain frickin Kirk for godsake!

    btw way that pic from the SNL thing where hes holding the communicator looks alot like the end of Doomsday Machine - the same stance, background (ok not the hair or the tunic)

  14. You'll also notice that in the clip the guy playing Spock calls McCoy "Captain" at the beginning. What a funny video and great idea. Thanks ShatToup!

  15. Ok, Al. Since you're the self-styled great expert... Where is the "glaringly obvious" toup line in this photo?

  16. Why so aggressive?

    But if you can't see that there's a toupe sitting on Burt Reynold's head in that image - are you seriously suggesting that's his hair- then I can suggest is that you google a little more and you'll see the truth of Reynold's own statement. He has more wigs than most people have shoes.

  17. Just to save you the trouble - here are some of his best toppers. The last one is especially fine.

  18. It's it great? The whole world is arguing over the economy, politics, global warming and sports. Not here. My wife thought I was up late looking at porn or in some chat room. No honey, I'm making a very important comment about Shat's toupee!

  19. Most Jerk - you WERE looking at porn. Toupee porn.

  20. Al, you are such a typical internet blowhard. Show the proof, in that picture that was referenced. Show it, Al. Or just be quiet.

  21. I repeat - why so aggressive?

    Always easier when you are anonymous of course?

    You're asking for something which is virtually impossible - to prove from a photograph that an individual is wearing a wig. This whole site is based on that and hasn't been able to reach a conclusion about Shatner.

    However, there is proof for Reynolds including most importantly HIS OWN WORDS that he wears a wig.

    So which is more likely? That he wears a wig, from his words and from all the many images over the years in which he shows a peculiar variety of hair styles and colours, with different extents of hair "growth"?

    Or that in the one picture you provide, we are seeking his natural and rather luxuriant hair?

    I rest my case. Unless you happen to either be Burt Reynolds (you are anonymous after all) or know him personally to ask, that's the best either of us can do.

    Yours not anon.

  22. I already said that he wears a wig in my previous post. Can you read? I said show the proof in the picture that was referenced. Not ones in which he is wearing an obvious rug. In the picture that was referenced. In which he just got out of rehab and would not likely be wearing a rug in that context. Got it?

  23. where did you get that rugAugust 4, 2010 at 2:24 PM

    May I point out that this blog is about Shat's toup and not Burt's. Personally I couldn't give a stuff what Reynolds has got on his head.

  24. He was in rehab for two days

    Proof: and,0,7877144.story

    His hair sure grew long in those two days. Wig wearers shave down to apply.

    Anyway, still Anonymous, I'll obey the instruction and stop discussing Reynolds.

  25. Fellas Fellas! Remember we are are here for the common love of Shat's Toup. Let Reynolds get his own hair blog for crying out loud. Remember, a Shat's toup divided against itself cannot stand!

  26. To paraphrase a famous Captain Kirk speech:

    "Our readers are right in pointing out the enormous danger potential in any contact with a toupee as phantastically advanced as this, but I must point out that the possibilities, the potential for knowledge and advancement is equally great!

    "Risk! Risk is our business! That's what the William Shatner School of Toupological Studies is all about! That's why we're aboard her!"

    The original speech can be seen here:


  27. If you watch the actor playing Spock in the Saturday Night Live skit and observe his mannerisms and voice, it's curious how he plays the part much closer to Brent Spiner's portrayal of Data.